‘Sinks, Tiles & (Less) Tears’. The Great Pottery Throw Down Review: Episode 2

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Episode 2 got straight down to business with the Main Make: each contestant being required to make a wash basin using coils of clay. This Make was based on Kate’s skillset, whereas last week’s stacking bowls Make was informed by Keith’s background.

Pottery Throw Down: Two Days at The Guardian, The Clay Hangover, The Prod in the Eye

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On the 4th November, The Guardian ran a rather positive review of the Pottery Throw Down Episode 1 where Pottery was described as ‘beautiful’ and ‘mesmerising’:

BBC: ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down debuts to mixed reviews’

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Seems the BBC’s feeling a little self-critical of Episode 1:

Sam Wollaston of the Guardian described the show as “beautiful and mesmerising – I could watch pot throwing all day,” but The Times’ Andrew Billen called it “cracked, half-baked and hollow.

“The whole idea of turning pot-making into a competitive sport was potty,” he continued. The Daily Telegraph’s Gerard O’Donovan said the show was “tiresome in places” but “endearingly human,” while the Express weighed in, “as for whether they have another Bake Off-style success on their hands, I’m guessing no but that’s not to say this isn’t fun to watch.