The Great British Throw Down Episode 1: Tuesday 3rd November 9pm

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The first episode of The Great British Pottery Throw Down is nearly upon us. It begins with a focus on skills and what potters call ‘batch production’: the making of multiple batches of pots to the same dimensions. This type of production is usually associated with making tableware pots. Contestants will have to make bowls, pull handles for mugs, and throw egg cups ‘off the hump’. The first episode is bound to prove very challenging.

A Chat with Keith Brymer-Jones via select A maker

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Insights from Keith Brymer-Jones relating to his involvement with The Great British Pottery Throw Down and the discipline of ceramics. It sounds like Keith has a great deal of experience behind him – it will be interesting to see what perspective he takes during the series

Robin Wood asks: ‘Is Craft on TV good?’

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In his blog post, Robin Wood rightly relays concerns about the ‘dumbing down’ of crafts on TV but is confident that the pre-eminence of skills and knowledge (in this case embodied by Kate Malone) will provide a genuine depth and grounding to The Great British Throw Down