Interest in Pottery is Heating Up!

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We’re witnessing a new ceramics craze (no pun intended). This Guardian article talks about how and why ceramics is becoming popular again, not just as a fine art medium but also in the home and at a commercial level too.It is perhaps the personal and local nature of hand-made pottery that is one of its very virtues:

‘Ruth King, a council member of the Craft Potters Association, said: “Studio ceramics offer the perfect antidote to big business, globalisation and poorly made mass-produced goods transported across the world.

“In other words, impersonal objects with no ‘soul’. Everyone uses pots. Buying handmade ceramics is the most accessible and affordable way for people to welcome something unique into their lives and also support traditional skills and craftspeople.”The skills of the craft have been in danger of dying out, so this new burst of “pottery mania” has come just in time. With luck, the vocabulary of pot making – words such as jigger, blunger and slip – may soon be in common currency again.’

Read the full article in The Guardian.

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